Being an ‘amigo:’ How one family makes a difference (and how you can too)

When Patricia and Linda adopted their children from Guatemala, they knew their life would change. But what they didn’t expect was feeling a lifelong connection to their children’s birth-country, so far removed from their own: “it makes us feel like one big global family.”

Looking to regularly support an organization that shared that same sense of connection across cultures, borders, and languages, Patricia and Linda turned to Mil Milagros. “Most parents truly want the same thing for their children: love, food, security. Mil Milagros' work is dedicated to all of those things.”

They decided to join the ‘amigos,’ Mil Milagros’ community of monthly donors, because it allowed them to budget what they were able to give, and because giving monthly allowed them to “give a little more than we might be able to afford in one lump-sum donation.” Becoming a monthly donor doesn’t just allow ‘amigos’ like Patricia and Linda to budget and plan better: it also allows our staff at Mil Milagros to plan ahead and to set more ambitious goals because we know where our funding is coming from. Monthly donations not only allows for donors to plan better, but also for donors and organizations to have a bigger impact over time. 

Patricia and Linda have been ‘amigos’ for more than five years, visiting our programs in Guatemala and spreading the word to friends and family. “We follow Mil Milagros and love hearing details about the programs that are serving families on a daily basis,” says Patricia, referring to the quarterly newsletter ‘amigos’ receive. “There are frequent updates and photos of the mothers who are part of the programs, and sometimes videos from mothers describing how the experience has improved their family life and their ability to provide for their children.” 

When we asked them what they would tell someone who was considering becoming a monthly donor, they told us: “I’d tell them that Mil Milagros works directly with the parents, the mothers, the schools and communities in a unique approach that is distinctly different from most organizations,” referring to our community-based approach that prioritizes the needs of families and communities first. “It's wonderful to offer donations in support of any organization that helps provide food to families in need, but it adds another level of support to work within a community to provide health education and training for mothers so that they can be healthy in every way. It empowers the parents and gives them control over their own health and wellbeing.”

What’s the best part of being an ‘amigo?’ “Knowing that we are helping families in important ways…it is truly rewarding to see the work that is being done.” 

Join Patricia and Linda and all of our ‘amigos’ in making a sustainable difference today! Don’t delay - if you sign up to become an ‘amigo’ before September 2, you will not only receive a handmade keychain from Guatemala but a generous donor will donate an additional $100 to Mil Milagros! $5 a month makes all the difference to leaders in Guatemala!