Camille's Story

Camille is an occupational therapist from Australia. She decided to become an ‘amigo’ (monthly donor) after learning about Mil Milagros from friends and family.

How did you learn about MM?

I had heard about Mil Milagros through family and friends who were involved in the organization. I also spent a brief period living in Xela in Guatemala, learning how to speak Spanish and about what life is like to live in Guatemala. 

What inspired you to give to MM?

The people who introduced me to MM spoke passionately about the support that they give Guatemalan women. It’s inspiring to see how they work alongside women and families, to empower them with sustainable life skills. MM sees the strength and resilience in the women they support. It’s a collaboration that enables both MM and locals to learn from one another. 

Why do you give monthly? 

I’m an occupational therapist working in regional and rural communities in Australia so I’m passionate about supporting local communities using a strengths-based approach. 

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming an 'amigo'?

I thought about becoming an amigo for some time, and now that I have signed up, I wished I had done it sooner! If you are in a financial position where you might be able to sign up to become an ‘amigo’ then I would encourage you to do so. Being an amigo feels like I am connected to a community that supports one another, respects each other, and works together for a better future for women and families in Guatemala.

If you would like to join Camille in changing lives in rural Guatemala, become an 'amigo' today!