Responding to COVID-19 in
rural Guatemala


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Guatemalan government has closed schools and non-essential business, suspended public transport, and significantly reduced market hours. While these measures are important to stop the spread of the virus, many Guatemalans are day workers who will not get paid their meagre salaries if they cannot work. The families in our partner communities, as you know, live in poverty.
In the best of times, it is difficult to put food on the table. Now, it will be impossible.

- Provide emergency food and essential hygiene supplies to all 1,648 children in our partner communities
- Provide a reusable mask to the parents of every child
- Produce videos of healthy recipes created with food from the emergency food baskets
- Share health and hygiene information related to COVID-19 prevention in their native language, K’iche’
- Produce videos of our Education Coordinators reading storybooks and providing at-home literacy activities

Your donation will not only provide food and hygiene supplies to children and families but also support our core programs, adapted to the current situation.

$25 can provide essential food and hygiene supplies to one child for a month

$50 can provide masks to 50 people

$150 can prevent malnutrition in one child by providing vitamins, food, and hygiene supplies for the year

$250 can produce one cooking video to share healthy recipes on local cable

$500 can provide the monthly salary and health insurance for one community coordinator so she can provide for her family


You can also launch a Facebook fundraiser or become a Mil Milagros amigo.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. We will get through this together.