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Since 2007, Mil Milagros (MM) has been equipping mothers and teachers with skills and resources to improve the lives of children and families in rural Guatemala. MM’s goals are aligned with many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals including no poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, gender equality, and clean water.

Alarmed by the high rates of child malnutrition and stunting, and the low rates of primary school completion she found during several volunteer sabbaticals at a school for child workers in Panajachel, Sololá, Margaret Blood was determined to help. School leaders told her the greatest need was to feed the children. Margaret raised funds to launch a breakfast program for the 160 children at the school and based on the impact of that effort, founded Mil Milagros in 2007 with pro-bono legal assistance from the Goulston and Storrs law firm in Boston.

The organization was named “Mil Milagros” (A Thousand Miracles) with “Mil” representing alignment with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals and “Milagros” meaning “miracles." The goals of Mil Milagros are aligned with many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (which succeeded the Millennium Development Goals), including no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, and clean water and sanitation.

In 2008, Mil Milagros launched its nutrition program serving 200 children in two schools. Since then, Mil Milagros has developed three more programs and has served more than 5,100 children in 20 schools/communities with its early childhood development, health/hygiene, literacy, and nutrition programs. Mil Milagros equips mothers and teachers with the skills and resources necessary to deliver these four programs. To further leverage its impact, Mil Milagros forms strategic partnerships with other organizations to address other pressing needs in its partner communities including clean water, health and dental care, and housing and school construction.

Meet Our Team

Lucy Aj

In-Country Director

Telma Alva

Community Coordinator

Margaret Blood


Shirley Bocel

Community Coordinator

Edgar Chalcú


Isabel Chávez

Education Coordinator

Heidy Chutá

Community Coordinator

Carolyn Daly

Executive Director

Diego Hernandez

Program Assistant

Carmen Holman

Director of Communications

Phoebe House

Development and Administrative Coordinator

Lidia Joj

Community Coordinator

Marcos López

Education Coordinator

Dora Martínez

Director of Administration & Finance

Delia Mendoza

Program Director

Daniel Mijango

Administrative Assistant/Training Coordinator

Juana Rosales


Marlyn Sazo

Community Coordinator

Cristina Vicente

Program Director

Monica Vásquez

Community Coordinator

Claudia Xaminez

Community Coordinator

Sandy Xitamul

Community Coordinator

Adriana Yac

Community Coordinator

Yolanda Yac

Community Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

  • Rob Hoyt, Chair
  • Tim Bancroft, Vice Chair
  • Fred Muehter, Treasurer
  • Barbara Doe, Member
  • Juan Antonio Gil, Member
  • Carolyn Lyons, Member
  • Heidi Spear, Clerk


The causes and effects of poverty are multidimensional and require a comprehensive approach. As part of our approach, we build strategic alliances with other organizations to address needs in our partner communities that are outside our immediate purview, including access to water, health care, and school and home construction.

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