About Us

Mil Milagros works in Guatemala’s western highlands to discover leaders, develop their potential, and deliver results in rural Guatemala.

Imagine yourself as a woman in rural Guatemala. 

You, like most Indigenous Maya women, never had the chance to finish primary school. You work hard caring for your children, but no one sees your effort.

When you speak, racism and misogyny cause you to be ignored.

Now imagine that you're invited to a space where people listen to you. 

Here, they hear your struggles and help you discover your voice. You share what you are learning with your family and community.

This is how leaders are made.

In each community, we identify potential mother, student, and teacher leaders. Then, we develop their potential by training them to implement our early childhood development, nutrition, health/hygiene, and education programs in their schools and communities. By equipping them with resources and knowledge, these leaders are tackling some of the biggest problems facing rural Guatemala - malnutrition, low graduation rates, and illness due to poor hygiene habits. There are more women and children who are ready to lead their communities to brighter futures. Are you ready to change lives with us?

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Meet Our Team

Lucy Aj

In-Country Director

Telma Alva

Community Coordinator

Shirley Bocel

Community Coordinator

Edgar Chalcú


Isabel Chávez

Education Coordinator

Heidy Chutá

Community Coordinator

Carolyn Daly

Executive Director

Diego Hernandez

Program Assistant

Carmen Holman

Director of Communications

Phoebe House

Development and Administrative Coordinator

Lidia Joj

Community Coordinator

Marcos López

Education Coordinator

Dora Martínez

Director of Administration & Finance

Delia Mendoza

Program Director

Daniel Mijango

Administrative Assistant/Training Coordinator

Juana Rosales


Marlyn Sazo

Community Coordinator

Cristina Vicente

Program Director

Monica Vásquez

Community Coordinator

Claudia Xaminez

Community Coordinator

Sandy Xitamul

Community Coordinator

Yolanda Yac

Community Coordinator

Adriana Yac

Community Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

  • Rob Hoyt, Chair
  • Tim Bancroft, Vice Chair
  • Fred Muehter, Treasurer
  • Barbara Doe, Member
  • Juan Antonio Gil, Member
  • Carolyn Lyons, Member
  • Heidi Spear, Clerk


The causes and effects of poverty are multidimensional and require a comprehensive approach. As part of our approach, we build strategic alliances with other organizations to address needs in our partner communities that are outside our immediate purview, including access to water, health care, and school and home construction.

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