Heidi's Story

Heidi is a member of MM’s Board of Directors. She is a businesswoman, a generous donor, and an advocate. Heidi is a mother of two incredible children, one of whom was born in Guatemala.

By Carolyn Daly

I first met Heidi in 2013. I had just started a few months earlier as MM’s In-Country Director and Heidi came to visit. We visited our partner communities and Heidi asked thoughtful questions. As a member of the Board of Directors, she had heard so much about the communities, and the trips seemed to bring the schools to life for her even more.

We had lunch together one day and talked about our dreams and plans for Mil Milagros. It was thrilling for me to talk with someone who had just as much passion for our mission as Margaret and I had.

“Enabling that mother, and all mothers who live without reliable access to food, education, healthcare or social justice, to meet the most basic needs of their children is far more powerful than merely delivering food to their children’s schools. Our mothers, respected, informed, empowered and proud, become effective advocates for themselves, their children, and their communities. Their children, seeing their mothers’ empowerment, gain effective advocates and the pride and hope so vital to forging a better future.” - Heidi

Heidi has continued as an integral member of our Board of Directors and returned to Guatemala in 2018 with her family. It is always interesting for children raised in the US to meet children raised in Guatemala.

They played soccer in one of our communities and encouraged all of the kids to play, even the girls. The girls in the community watched Heidi’s daughter play and giggled as they joined in the game. In a society where mostly boys play soccer, it was fun to see the girls have fun with other children. And when Heidi’s son set one of the girls up for the game-winning goal, he looked like he was walking on air. I loved to see how Heidi’s children were just as thoughtful and caring as their mother.

Heidi inspires me because she uses her passion to inspire others to become members of the Mil Milagros family. Heidi has written articles, talked at book clubs, and shared with friends about Mil Milagros’ mission.

Heidi and mothers on her trip to Guatemala

Heidi is exactly the kind of advocate that the children and families of Mil Milagros deserves. She believes with all her heart in the transformational change that leaders can have in their communities when they are armed with proper resources and training. And she knows how powerful it can be if we all come together to support these leaders. That’s the kind of leadership that inspires me.