Our Work

We equip mothers and teachers with the skills and resources necessary to implement and sustain high-impact early childhood development, nutrition, health/hygiene, and education/literacy programs in their communities.

Progress to Date

access to clean water in our partner schools
meals served to school aged children
increase in mothers’ understanding of child development
of sixth grade graduates go on to middle school

Our Programs

7 in 10 Children in rural Guatemala suffer from chronic malnutrition

Early Childhood Development

Mothers equipped with essential vitamins, knowledge, and skills during this critical stage of their child’s development set the foundation for their future well-being and success.

The primary school completion rate in rural Guatemala is just 56%


Mother and grandmother volunteers prepare nutritious meals and serve fresh fruit to children every school day,  improving attendance.

An estimated 98% of the water supply in Guatemala is contaminated, causing parasitic infections and diarrhea.

Health and Hygiene

Each classroom and school kitchen are equipped with a water filter, and mother and grandmother volunteers receive water filters for their homes. Mother and grandmother volunteers teach their community peers about healthy hygiene practices, treat children for lice, and work with student councils to lead health and hygiene campaigns in their schools and communities.

Guatemala ranks in the bottom quartile in the world for youth literacy, primary school completion, and public education expenditure.


Teachers are provided with school supplies and books and are trained by a literacy expert. Parents are encouraged to promote literacy at home, and children finish primary school literate and ready to continue their education.