Help Women Leaders Transform Rural Guatemala

When women unleash their potential, there's nothing they can't accomplish.

From reducing severe chronic malnutrition by 13% in babies and young children, to making sure that more than 61% of students are reading at grade level, our leaders are transforming more than 30 communities in Santa Lucía Utatlán and San José Chacayá for the better in 2024.

But there are so many more women who want to be a part of our programs.

San José Chacayá faces a lot of challenges, with higher rates of malnutrition and fewer public services than anywhere Mil Milagros has worked before. There are almost 3,000 women living there, most of them in poverty.

That’s 3,000 opportunities.

By making a gift this June, you can help us unleash their potential.

Indigenous woman Guatemala speaking into microphone