Jeff's Story

Jeff is the rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brookline, MA. The church supports Mil Milagros through its Mission Outside the Parish grant program. In addition, Jeff and his family, which includes a son adopted from Guatemala, are monthly donors.

How did you learn about MM?

Like so many who are involved, we first learned of MM from Margaret Blood.  It immediately sparked a connection and call to me and my family, as we have strong ties to Guatemala through adoption.

What inspired you to give to MM?

The ripples of the work that one dollar makes possible are impossible to number.  It is not just a meal, or a toothbrush, a lesson or a book; it is structural change in local communities that begins with that meal, toothbrush, etc.  It is the restoration of the dignity of those who lack the basic resources we take for granted.  It is the empowerment of women to be the leaders of change in their local context.  Very rarely have we seen so little become so much through the hard work and ingenuity of the MM staff, Mother Leaders, teachers and children.

Jeff and his family visiting Mil Milagros partner schools in 2018

Why do you give?

Seeing up close the power of transformative love and being a part of change that is measurable. It has a lasting impact and is able to be duplicated.

What would you say to someone thinking about giving to MM?

The question facing many of us with the great need in the world is “What can one person do?”  MM has come up with an answer to that question.  One Mother Leader can train another.  One meal can change a family’s sense of worth.  One dollar can come together with others to change a community. One miracle can lead to a thousand others.

If you would like to follow in Jeff's footsteps, donate here.