Ben's Story

Before beginning medical school, Ben was looking for a volunteer opportunity to broaden his horizons. He spent four months with Mil Milagros in 2016, assisting with communications and creating health campaigns for the children.

How did you learn about MM?

I learned about Mil Milagros through my dad's former coworker who is dear friends with Margaret, the founder. I wound up volunteering for Mil Milagros for four months in 2016, where I got to know the staff and the communities they serve very well.

What inspired you to give to MM?

After working at Mil Milagros for several months, learning about some of the inner workings of the organization, and seeing the results of their hard work firsthand, I know that every penny I give is going to a good cause. They do a great job stretching every dollar to its max, and also don't bite off more than they can chew, to help ensure continued success in the communities they work with.

What's your favorite thing about being involved with MM?

Getting to know the amazing employees, children, and mothers that make Mil Milagros great! Each and every one of them inspire me and have so much to give. It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to be so involved, even if just for a handful of months.

What would you say to other young people about giving to MM?

Knowing many friends that have worked at a number of different nonprofits, I'm well aware that some of them aren't effective, or are even downright shady. I was nothing but impressed with how Mil Milagros operated, particularly how they never take on too much, which can be easy when there is such a great need. They focus on doing a couple things well, rather than do a bunch of things mediocrely. They also teach and train community members, allowing their former partners to continue to thrive even after the formal partnership is over. They truly implement sustainable change in an effective way.

Ben writing a song with the children to promote healthy hygiene.

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