Ellen's Story

As a mother of two children adopted from Guatemala, and having visited Mil Milagros, Ellen understands first hand the poverty that many children experience in Guatemala. After meeting Mil Milagros’ founder Margaret Blood eight years ago, Ellen was moved by her passion for helping children and families and wanted to help. When she made the trip to Guatemala with her family, she experienced MM’s work in its partner communities.

What inspired you to give?

Initially we weren’t that involved with MM but we had heard MM was doing great things in Guatemala.  Through friends I met Margaret at a MM fundraiser.  We were impressed by Margaret's passion and devotion to helping the children of Guatemala.  You can’t meet her and not want to play a part.  She has an effective plan that is already changing lives.

Tell us about your trip to Guatemala.

Margaret was warm and thrilled to show  the success of her hard work.  The children in the MM schools were smiling and chatty and full of life and thankful for the changes brought by Margaret and Mil Milagros.  The teachers and parents were proud to show off their schools and bright thriving students. To see how quickly the help we give them is working was amazing and a call to action.  The children in the MM schools were so thankful for the clean water, nutrition and education made possible for them by Mil Milagros.  Things every child should have! Witnessing their gratitude for these things is something my children and I will never forget.

Why do you give to Mil Milagros?

Part of my heart is there so I feel obligated to change the social structure to give children that are born there a more promising future. Mil Milagros gave us so much hope for what can be in Guatemala.