The 'new normal' in Guatemala

Life during COVID-19 has been no easy feat for anyone. Like the rest of the world, Mil Milagros has had to adjust to this ‘new normal’.

From adapting programs, learning to work from home, and refocusing efforts to provide emergency relief in communities, this year has proved to be a challenge like no other. It has, however, allowed many of us to learn new skills and form closer bonds with family. Members of our team share what they have learned during this time and the unexpected struggles.

Monica, Community Coordinator

“I have really enjoyed filming the recipe videos. It is helping so many families in our communities to stay healthy. I feel really proud of that. Although I have learned new skills during this time, not being able to attend church or spend time with relatives has been quite difficult for me.”

Telma, Community Coordinator

“I have learned how to use a computer! Previously, this was a big challenge for me but this quarantine has given me the opportunity to learn so many new things. But it hasn’t been easy. We haven’t been able to go anywhere outside of Sololá and my children haven’t been able to see their grandparents.”

Indigenous woman using computer
Telma learning to use the computer

Shirley, Community Coordinator

“Learning to record the healthy recipe videos has been a big achievement for me. Especially seeing them on the television! The most challenging part is not being to do our normal activities in person such as our early childhood development program.”

Cristy, Program Director

“During this time, I have really enjoyed supporting the Community Coordinators and helping them develop their leadership skills. Sometimes the slow wifi signal at home can be a challenge though!”

Heidy, Community Coordinator

“During this time, the thing I have found most difficult is learning to work from home. I often have troubles with my phone connection! But I have been able to learn new computer skills such as Microsoft Word which makes me very proud.”

Marcos, Education Coordinator

“The best part has been spending more quality time with my family. Before, I didn’t have the time but now I am with them 24/7. The hardest part is working from home, especially when the wifi signal is not great.”

Marcos' sister helping him film literacy videos

Marlyn, Community Coordinator

“I have learned new healthy, delicious recipes to share with my family. I have also had the time to do more creative activities with my daughter. The most difficult part is trying to do work with my daughter around, she doesn’t want to leave my side!”

Marlyn and her daughter, Marilyn

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult, strange, unprecedented year. We are so proud of our team for persevering and working hard to reach vulnerable communities despite the circumstances.  As one of our favorite quotes says, “There’s only way to get through things: together!”