5 things we are looking forward to!

August 2020

This year has flown by and we are starting to get a little sentimental about all the things we haven’t been able to do this year. Although our team has done an incredible job at staying connected with communities and conducting programs remotely, we certainly miss being able to visit our partner communities in person. Here are a few things we are looking forward to when the world is a healthier place.

1. The return of school

All schools in Guatemala continue to remain closed. Usually, our weeks would be filled with student leader meetings, literacy workshops, and health campaigns. We are so looking forward to seeing all of the amazing students again. We miss their smiles, hugs, and their warm welcome every time our team enter their school. For now, our Education Coordinators have been sharing stories and literacy activities via local cable and Whatsapp. We are thrilled to see students continue to engage with reading and being creative at home.


2. In person workshops/programs

Our team has been working hard to adapt programs to reach communities remotely but we definitely miss conducting workshops in person. At this time of year, our calendars are usually jam packed with health/hygiene, early childhood development, nutrition, Women’s Health, and Parenting Journey workshops.  For many mothers, MM workshops are a time to take a break from household duties, socialize, and most importantly learn about their strengths and discover their leadership skills. We can’t wait to see these incredible women in person again!

3. Being in the office together

Before COVID, every second Monday, the entire team would gather together for a staff meeting. Everyone’s schedules are different, so this was the only time we would be all together for the week. Not only was it a time for planning, it was also a time to celebrate our achievements, birthdays, and milestones. For now, Google meet will have to do!

Celebrating a birthday at the office!
4. Resuming school campaigns

We cannot wait until we can go back to schools and resume community-wide campaigns. We were fortunate enough to be able to conduct the reading festival earlier in the year, but due to school being suspended, all three health campaigns were cancelled. Last year, we had an amazingly successful water drinking campaign and it is great to be able to reflect back on what we have achieved. Watch the video below to see students and teachers singing along to our very catchy theme song ‘I’m going to drink water!’ We can’t wait to be able to see their creativity in action again!

5. Celebrating our achievements together

Every year, mother leaders, along with our team gather together for a year end ‘encuentro’. It is a celebration of the year's achievements and a time for them to socialize, do activities, and have fun together. We usually have more than 100 attendees! The mothers in our communities work so incredibly hard, and we love pampering and celebrating them.

Painting nails at the 2019 'encuentro'

We also celebrate the student leaders! Student leaders from each of our partner schools come together to meet each other, share their achievements, participate in team building activities, and play fun games. It is a great way to encourage their leadership and celebrate their hard work. 

Playing games at the 2019 student leader celebration

We can't wait to be able to resume our regular programs and activities. For now, the health and safety of the communities is our top priority and we will continue to support them throughout this crisis.