Remembering Steve Cadwell

By: Carolyn Daly, Executive Director

LOVE. In all caps. That’s how I would describe Steve Cadwell, one of Mil Milagros’ most passionate supporters. We are grieving the loss of Steve, a former MM Board member, and integral member of our family.

I first “met” Steve through email correspondence when he was a member of MM’s Board of Directors and I was the Country Director in Guatemala. Margaret always said that he brought a special energy to the Board, along with incredible insights and support. His emails made me smile because of his poetic use of words. I don’t think I have an email from Steve without the word love in it. In all caps. When we would share an update with the Board, Steve would write a simple response:


When I met Steve in person after many emails, he wrapped me in a hug and said, “You know what? You are amazing!” I felt his love. We all did.

Steve Cadwell with Margaret Blood
Steve, second from left, is all smiles at one of Mil Milagros' annual events.

As well as being a very accomplished psychotherapist and educator, Steve was a poet, performer, gardener, and always looked for the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Mil Milagros. Steve passionately shared how Mil Milagros was a model for sustainable development and empowerment. But he was perhaps most passionate about the mutuality that he felt was core to Mil Milagros’ model. He once wrote, “When we engage in sharing our resources, we are ALL CHANGED FOR THE BETTER.”

In one of Steve’s poems, he talks about change:

I know that having Steve be a part of my life has changed me for the better and that he has helped to change thousands of lives for the better in rural Guatemala. Guided by Steve’s LOVE, we will continue to “be The Change!”