One Day's Wages

Mil Milagros partners with One Day's Wages to bring health and hygiene solutions to rural Guatemala to fight malnutrition, prevent illness, and create long-lasting change.

Poverty, unclean water, and poor sanitation are endemic in the rural Guatemalan communities where Mil Milagros works. These conditions are contributing factors to the high rates of chronic child malnutrition which exceed 70% in Santa Lucia Utatlán. Furthermore, the Guatemalan public school system is significantly underfunded and does not provide students with basic necessities such as clean water or hand soap. Addressing the need for hygiene education and supplies is critical in order to prevent malnutrition, tooth decay, and illness.

With support from One Day’s Wages, Mil Milagros is creating changes in our partner communities by implementing the “Healthy Schools Program” which was developed by the Guatemalan Ministries of Health and Education (but lacks any government funding for implementation). The program is designed to improve health and prevent disease by educating children on the importance of healthy hygiene habits like brushing teeth, washing hands, and using toilet paper. These are not common practices in many households, so making sure the children receive this education at school, along with hygiene supplies, is essential.

“I feel so happy when I see that the students and the parents are changing their attitudes toward hygiene.” - Marlon, Teacher

With funding from One Day’s Wages, Mil Milagros is able to provide hygiene supplies (soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lice shampoo, anti-parasitic medications, and disinfectant) to the 1,200 children in our ten partner schools. In addition, 100 mother leader volunteers have been trained to apply lice shampoo and weigh/measure the children. Mothers enrolled in our Early Childhood Development program also receive hygiene education and supplies; training these mothers helps ensure that the children learn the basics at a young age.

"The health and hygiene program has helped a lot.  Before, even if the children wanted to brush their teeth, they didn't have any toothbrushes or toothpaste. Now, they have the supplies they need and are developing healthy habits." - Leticia, Mother
young Guatemalan boy washing his hands
group of guatemalan girls brushing their teeth

Mil Milagros and One Day’s Wages are partnering to create lasting change in rural Guatemala and we are thankful for our partnership.

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