Fundraise to Help Improve Children’s Lives in Guatemala

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Donate your birthday. Dedicate your wedding. Plan a kickball tournament. Organize a bake sale.
Gather a team for a 5k...
What will you do to improve children’s lives?

How to Start Your Fundraiser

Discover that more than two million children are suffering from chronic malnutrition in Guatemala and decide to help.

Decide what to do. Name your campaign. Choose an image. Set a goal. Write a personal message on your page. That’s it – you’re ready!

Tell Everyone!

Involve friends and family in your mission. Inspire them with stories about why you are raising funds. The more people you tell, the quicker you will reach your goal!

10 Tips for Your First Fundraising Campaign

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Receive a personal message from one of the families who your fundraiser supports.

After your campaign ends, we will mail you a personalized thank-you message from one of the families who will benefit from the funds you raised.

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