Early Childhood Development 

“My daughter has grown a lot more since she began taking the ‘chispitas’ (nutritional supplements). The other mothers have seen changes in their children, too. These changes motivate us to keep coming to the workshops. ” – mother

Mil Milagros delivers a comprehensive early childhood development program tailored to each community’s needs to promote healthy development through nutrition, health and hygiene, early literacy, and play. Pregnant women and mothers of young children receive nutritional supplements and participate in weekly workshops to learn about nutrition, health and hygiene, and child development. Mil Milagros partners with Wuqu’ Kawoq to provide expert care to children at risk of chronic malnutrition. 

“Now, with the ‘chispitas,’ I see that my baby is growing more and she doesn’t get sick as often.” – mother


“We aren’t malnourished and we don’t have stomach aches anymore. We are growing to be strong and smart.” – child

Mil Milagros partners with more than 800 mother and grandmother volunteers to feed hundreds of children every school day (and in some communities, year round). Our nutrition coordinator organizes and trains mother and grandmother leaders in each community, and they, in turn, train other mother and grandmother volunteers. We work with local vendors to purchase and deliver fresh, nourishing foods to each school.

Mil Milagros also works with our communities to build and renovate school kitchens, as needed, and to make sure that the kitchens are properly equipped. The children bring their own dishes to school, along with firewood for the stoves.


Since Mil Milagros arrived, the children don’t miss classes.  They come to school every day —the food really motivates them.” – teacher

Health and Hygiene

Before Mil Milagros, the children would get sick from drinking unpurified water.” – mother

Mil Milagros partners with the Ministries of Education and Health to implement the “Healthy Schools” curriculum which is designed to teach and help the children develop good hygiene and to promote wellness. Our health and hygiene coordinator trains student council leaders in each school to promote healthy hygiene practices and public health campaigns. Mil Milagros provides the children with essential supplies including toothbrushes, toothpaste, fluoride varnish – thanks to our partners at Pulpdent – soap, toilet paper, deworming medications, and lice shampoo. Mil Milagros trains mother and grandmother volunteers who help with the application of fluoride varnish and lice shampoo.

We partner with water organizations – including Water Charity – to ensure that each classroom and school kitchen is equipped with a water filter and to address water supply issues.

Now we are healthier because we have soap to wash our hands. And toothbrushes and toothpaste to keep our teeth clean.” – child


We have seen a change. Now the children bring books and home and are learning to read.” – mother

Mil Milagros seeks to ensure that every child graduates from sixth grade literate – able to read, write, and comprehend. We work with teachers in each partner school to identify their respective needs and supply them with training, classroom materials, and books. Children in our partner schools receive textbooks, school supplies, and learning materials. 

Mil Milagros also works with our partner communities to build schools. To do this, we recruit other NGOs that specialize in school construction and to date have built new schools in Nuevo Progreso, thanks to Hug It Forward, and in Chutinamit, thanks to our partners at ConstruCasa.

We are able to do our homework because we have school supplies and a textbook we can take home.” – child

Partner Communities

MM currently works with predominantly indigenous Maya communities in three municipalities in the department (state) of Sololá: San Andrés Semetabaj, San Juan la Laguna, and Santa Lucía Utatlán. While Spanish is taught in the schools, our families also speak Kaqchikel, K’iche’, and Tz’utujil. MM has a waiting list of schools and communities representing more than 3,000 children in Sololá alone.


Map of schools 2016

Our Impact

Our Financials

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